2009 Best International Director of a Documentary and Best Cinematography at the 2009 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival
2009 Grand Prix award in the category of environment protection films at the European Environment Awareness Festival “Green Wave”, Bulgaria
2009 Grand Prix International Film festival Ohrid, Macedonia
2008 Grand Prix International Film Festival Jahorina, BIH

Tagline: Around 100 million people live on 1 square meter. Is that the end? The vector of life on planet Earth points in that direction.
Environmental documentary film
Keywords: (wildlife, ecology, travel, environment, bio-plant, food ,art,..)
Format: HD
Running time: 60’
Cinematography: Brand Ferro , Pablo Ferro
Sound: Vladimir Rakić
Music: Vladko Sarafimov
Editing: Vladimir Petrovski Karter
Screenplay: Kiro Urdin
Director: Kiro Urdin
Production: OSMOSA Production, in coproduction with Petra Pan Film Production


QUOTE: ” Through the lens of Urdin’s camera, he effectively captures dynamic footage of the Earth, animal kingdom and fauna, all working together in harmony. The film presents the serenity of nature, the cycle of life and the relationships between wild animals and African people.” by Shorty Brown  – Independent Film Quarterly (IFO)

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